Lunch of the Week 2 22 16

If you want to stay in shape you have to plan ahead for weekday meals.   It is only by making decisions in advance, such as “what will I have for lunch” that you stay on track.  One of my weekday lunches this week is steak, asparagus and yam.

The problem I always have with steak is the same problem I have with everything – overcooking.

Another answer from Alton Brown.

This week I bought a 3/4 lb sirloin.  I always estimate that the cooked weight is 75% of the raw weight.  That’s probably high but until I get a food scale its the best I can do.  Therefore, I estimate that I end up with 9 oz cooked and split into three meals.

What about the vegetable?  Asparagus was on sale this week – decision made!  12 spears give me the approx calories I need in a meal.  It does not take very long to cook so I either throw it in the oven for a few minutes while something else cooks or I steam it separately.

One half of a yam (also on sale) rounds out the meal.  Bake one yam, and you have it for two meals.

Calorie and nutrient breakdown - steak, asparagus, and yams


Pork & Apple Picnic Pie – February 2016

We’re trying recipes from Pies – Sweet and Savory by Caroline Bretherton.

Actually, my son is the chef, I just eat the pies.

The pork is a home run!  We used approximately double the pork that the recipe calls for so the pie was really thick.  However, I don’t count this as a negative.

rolling out the doughHe made the pie dough the day before and left it in the fridge overnight.  We took it out approx an hour before we needed it and that was probably not enough time.  He got it done but it was a bit difficult to work with.

Otherwise, we followed her recipe.  Came out great, can’t wait to try anotherone.

IMG_3187pork pie before the oven