Turkey Acorn Squash Soup

Turkey Soup – Acorn Squash Soup Dec 2015

Thanksgiving is over but the turkey lives on.

I always freeze the carcass because it makes for some great soup later on.  However, the turkey is not the only thing still kicking around.  I had a couple of acorn squash that never made their way into the meal.  They’ve been sitting there on the counter mocking me for the last two weeks.  I bought them to go with the turkey.   I’ve never used them in a soup before and I didn’t quite know how to make it work.

I make soup a lot and I have to admit that most of the time I lack imagination, but that what the internet is for.  A Google search turned up this recipe from Guy Fieri.  Savory and sage are not spices that I would ordinarily use, even though I have a sage plant growing in my garden in the backyard.

Bottom line is that this soup is fantastic.  Roasting the garlic in the squash is amazing.  The recipe is presented as an appetizer but mine was an entree.  I added rice to mine and serviced it as our Sunday dinner for the family.  The only thing I should have done differently was I should have done a better job with the immersion blender.  My squash was a bit on the “rustic” side as Emeril used to say.  Still, I was awesome and I would not hesitate to make it again, so thank you Guy.


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