Where Should I Eat In Hershey, PA – Dec 2015

No cooking this week.

This week was spent in Hershey, PA for a post-Christmas vacation.  There are some fun things to do there, but my favorite part of any vacation is the food.  That’s not to say that every meal is great, just that I like eating out.  Here’s a few of the places that we checked out:

  • cheeseburgerDuke’s is a sports bar & grill not far from where we stayed.  I went with the PA Dutch Burger with pepper jack cheese.  Although the service at this place was great, the food was just OK.  The burger was bland.  I needed lots of ketsup to get through it.
  • There is one highly recommended breakfast place in Hershey that we tried to go to.  Actually we tried twice but bailed out due to the line out the front door.  After searching around a bit for an alternative we stumbled upon Funck’s.

No wait – sold!

The food was ok.  Good enough for us to go back a second time.  The first time I went for the cruncoatmealhy honey banana oatmeal.  Its steel cut,  but all of the toppings were just sitting on top and not mixed in.   They give you a good sized portion, but it fills the bowl so you can’t even mix up the ingredients yourself.  As you get below the top layer you find that most of the oatmeal is extremely dry and under cooked in spots.

chiocolate pancakesPumpkin PancakesThe second time through I went for the pumpkin pancakes while my kids went for the chocolate.  I like pancakes and these are pretty good.  The chocolate was good enough for the kids to order both times AND with enough leftovers to eat the next day.  Service was great, food just OK.

  • scallops and fettucineThe Chocolate Avenue Grill was not “just OK”.  The food was fantastic.  I had the cajun scallops over fettuccine.  The salad that came with it was not the best.  The bread was outstanding.  We did not make it to most of the recommended places, but this was the best food we found in Hersey.

hot dog with mac-n-cheese at chocolate world

  • This was the hot dog and mac-n-cheese available at Chocolate World.  It tasted good but not the healthiest thing you could eat.


Not pictured is the double cheeseburger sub from Roxy’s Grill in Harrisburg and the Subway sandwiches we ate on the last night there (it was the only place available without an hour long wait).

No wait, sold!

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